Chibi Chelsea, Queen of Anime Otakus! (happyasshole) wrote,
Chibi Chelsea, Queen of Anime Otakus!

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I hate everyone

OMG!!!!! Joshs brother called me stupid and fat and ugly! And Josh just sat there like it was nothing I even think he was laughing OMG what a fucking asshole! Now I KNOW he doesn't love me! I want to die! I WANT THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD TO DIE! I HATE EVERYONE! Wow I never knew these LJ's could be such stress relievers even though I'm so depressed and u should be to. I'm sick of people calling me fat, maybe Im a little bit overweight but not that much! I'm a beautiful person on the inside and I can't stand it how people can't see that they just make assumptions and shit like that. People make me angry. I just want to blow up the world and kill myself.
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