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not a typical anime-fag; a typical teenage girl. faggots.

^^; im sorry every1 i haven't updated in a while because i have been sooo busy! But you all seem to want me to post some more, so here I am! ^_^ I feel so popular ^^;;;

As many of you may know (hehe ^^;; because i talk about it ALL THE TIME to anyone who will listen, even my cat, snuggles- he's soooo kawaii!) - where was i ?Anime North is this March!!! So many people I know are going to be there!! Omg! It's going to be so awesome, I am going to cosplay. I haven't decided who I will be yet, though. I was thinking.. Meryl (Strife? ) from Trigun, but her costume isn't very unique... =( Hmm, well, maybe I will ask around and see if my friends have any kawaii ideas! It will be soooo sugoi!! ^_^

I am kindof worried because some people i know from online are going to be there and htat's creepy because well... ! they're from online! X_x; Im not sure it's safe to meet up with them, can I pretend I don't know them if I see them? I think i'll lie about what i'm going to the con as <_<;;; Hehehe ^^; I'm so ebil! Oh ^^; Kevin said he liked my shirt when I wore my fishnet one ^^;;;; I was like "wow!" because KEvin is soooooo hardcore! I want to be just like him ^^;; Well, except not male. Or ugly. I dunno where to buy black lipstick though ;_; .. or that white stuff he uses on his face. Will I look like a poser if I ask him? questions questions!!
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January 13 2005, 15:46:28 UTC 13 years ago

Don't be stupid, be a smartie. Come and join the faggot party. Also please turn off you journal or disable comments so that I can win.